October 9, 2007


Chuck is the spy comedy about a guy who somehow gets the government's deepest darkest secrets downloaded straight to his brain, leaving the government to alternately attempt to destroy and protect him.

It's one of two shows this season that feature prominent nerd scenarios (the other being Big Bang Theory), and Chuck is definitely the less insulting of the two.

It's funny enough that I'll definitely watch it again. But what was most notable to me about the pilot was that the female lead (the cute blond CIA agent) had not one, but two extended scenes in her underwear. This indicates to me that the producers are very acutely aware of their target demographic, which does bode well for the long term hopes for the show.


Captain Emus said...

This show has been plenty watchable, despite the over-the-top role played by the nerdy diminuative, Morgan, and the cliche-in-underwear female CIA agent. Who, by the way, looks a lot like Ben Stiller's wife.

It's not the best show on TV, but I'm still watching it.

Aaron said...

Wow, it's my first actual blog comment. Amazing!

Good to see you, semi-anonymous blog contributor whose secret identity I have nonetheless already deciphered.

Chuck actually made it through three episodes before I finally had to drop it per my rules (since I wasn't ready to give it a full commitment). I'm regretting this now, because of the writer's strike. I wish I had given more season passes to the on-the-fence shows like Chuck so I'd have more to tide me over during the long dark writer-less winter.

Captain Emus said...

It is unfortunate that there are no provisions in your rules for writers' strikes because this show is not getting progressively worse, which is more than can be said for most of the new shows this season.

Oh, and why did you change the name of your blog? Do the rules of your blog permit such a change?

Aaron said...

The issue with the strike is purely my failure to look at the big picture rather than any inflexibility in rules. In the last couple of days, I went back and added season passes for Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Samantha Who, which were dropped after being on the fence before. I just have to subject myself to the crappy video players on the NBC and ABC websites to catch up, then I can keep them in reserve for when we run out of new TV.

The blog name was changed like two minutes before your comment, so that's weird. I made the change purely in the interest of accuracy, as the new blog title is a much more truthful descriptions of the contents to be found therein.

My blog rules not only permit such a change, but encourage it. I would change the title and address everyday if it didn't prevent anyone from ever being able to find it.

Captain Emus said...

Fair enough. But the thumbnail of the depressed monkey has to remain constant. It is a very catchy brand. In fact, you might want to consider naming the blog "Depressed Monkey". I think a name like that could really drive some new traffic.