October 22, 2007


I absolutely loved the short-lived Sons & Daughters, so I'm really glad to see Fred Goss working again in Carpoolers. He's playing pretty much the exact same character, so that helps me like the show as well.

Another plus is that the show's created by Bruce McCulloch, so other Kids in the Hall will be present hopefully. Also, I think Fred Goss lived in three different houses in the first three episodes, so that helps keep it fun.

All in all, this show is silly more than it is funny, so if it were solely up to me I might not commit to it. However, Becki really likes it, so we keep watching.


Captain Emus said...

Is Sons & Daughters officially dead forever? I still have the last two episodes saved on my Tivo; I haven't wanted to "use them up" until I knew that more episodes are coming. What a great show.

Aaron said...

Yes, dead & gone. Pining for the fjords, etc.

By "last two", do you mean the last two that were aired on ABC? Because there were 10 episodes that ABC aired, but 11 that were shot. The "missing" 11th one ("Paige Returns") airs with the reruns on Universal HD. It's on Nov. 15th at 1:30 PM just in case you didn't get that one too.

Captain Emus said...

That is exactly the kind of quality TV information I am looking for when I visit Rambling Inanity, the Depressed Monkey Chronicles. I will set my Tivo to record the 11th episode, and then I will watch the two remaining episodes that have been on my Tivo for over two years.