September 24, 2011

More Cleaning

I used to collect Kool-Aid fairly seriously (as seriously as someone can collect Kool-Aid, I suppose). I had amassed a sizable collection of discontinued flavors, mostly from the mid-90s, but with a few dating back before that. I had about 150 packets, representing about 35 different flavors. The oldest piece in my collection is from 1970 or 1971. It's a pack of grape Kool-Aid presweetened with cyclamate, an artificial sweetener that excelled in every possible way except for the way of not giving you cancer and killing you.

Post marriage, kids, and house, I just don't have it in me anymore to collect much of anything, so this has been stashed away for the last ten years. I just dug it up yesterday and I think I've found it a good home. There's no real market for this stuff on ebay anymore, and I can't find quite so many collectors on the internet as I used to. I did find one guy who looks like he's serious enough to appreciate my collection, so I emailed him and told him I'd send my whole stash to him at my expense. He seemed quite excited, but honestly, I think I'm more excited to have found a good home for this. The alternatives would be for me to keep it forever, drink it, or trash it, none of which made me happy.

September 23, 2011


I don't normally keep mementos like this around anymore. I found this while cleaning out a box of old stuff tonight, and it saddened me that both Elliott Smith and DV8 have died (by self-inflicted stabbing and fire respectively). The only reason that Grandaddy has been spared a horrific death is that they didn't show up that night. We had Teddy Thompson instead (if I remember correctly).

September 13, 2011

Camper Van Beethoven

My favorite band (Camper Van Beethoven) playing my favorite album (Key Lime Pie) in its entirety. Live right now in Scottsdale.