September 24, 2011

More Cleaning

I used to collect Kool-Aid fairly seriously (as seriously as someone can collect Kool-Aid, I suppose). I had amassed a sizable collection of discontinued flavors, mostly from the mid-90s, but with a few dating back before that. I had about 150 packets, representing about 35 different flavors. The oldest piece in my collection is from 1970 or 1971. It's a pack of grape Kool-Aid presweetened with cyclamate, an artificial sweetener that excelled in every possible way except for the way of not giving you cancer and killing you.

Post marriage, kids, and house, I just don't have it in me anymore to collect much of anything, so this has been stashed away for the last ten years. I just dug it up yesterday and I think I've found it a good home. There's no real market for this stuff on ebay anymore, and I can't find quite so many collectors on the internet as I used to. I did find one guy who looks like he's serious enough to appreciate my collection, so I emailed him and told him I'd send my whole stash to him at my expense. He seemed quite excited, but honestly, I think I'm more excited to have found a good home for this. The alternatives would be for me to keep it forever, drink it, or trash it, none of which made me happy.


Bradley Walker said...

The market has rebounded and you gave away a fortune. :(

wodanick said...

I would value your collection at or around $250-$300