October 13, 2007


Cane is an hour drama about Jimmy Smits and has family's sugarcane/rum business in Florida. Overall it was one of those things where it may be good, but it just isn't what I'm interested in. So, I dropped it. For future reference, here's the good and bad about Cane:


  • It has Hector Elizondo in it.
  • It has Nestor Carbonell (aka Batmanuel) in it.

  • Hector Elizondo's character's dying, so unless the sugarcane has magical healing properties, he's probably not long for the series.
  • It has Nestor Carbonell in it, which means we'll have to make do with less of him on Lost.
  • The daughter of the rival sugarcane family is played by an otherwise respectable British actress who puts on the worst Southern accent I've heard on TV all year.

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