June 20, 2009


Next to one cupboard in our dining room is a small hole where a power outlet used to be. The hole sat uncovered for a while until we noticed that some toys were inexplicably vanishing. I discovered that by contorting my hand just right, I could get my camera in just far enough to get a picture of the inside of the wall, all the way down to the bottom between the drywall and the studs.


Tonight, after a good solid 90 minutes of strategically maneuvering the shop-vac hose, I liberated the following:

  • 12 Crayola Color Wonder markers
  • 1 teacup
  • 1 tea spoon
  • 1 child's fork
  • 1 Fisher Price Little People figure (the one known as Maggie?)
  • 1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (believed to be Michelangelo)
  • 1 orange motorcycle thing that fits inside aforementioned Ninja Turtle
  • 1 toy croissant
  • 1 toy mashed potatoes blob
  • 1 wooden knife from a kitchen set
  • 1 Happy Meal™ car
  • 2 stuffed cats (a gift from one of our exchange students)
  • And, Diego, the animal rescuer. Judging by his position on the top of the toy heap, he had jumped in to try to rescue them all.



Supercords said...

It's like the arcade claw game, and you were the big winner.

danniey said...

That's hilarious. I love it! Too bad you didn't find Tyler's debit card. That's nowhere to be found.