September 3, 2008

Beautiful Naked [Large-Chested] Women Just Don't Fall Out Of The Sky, You Know...

A couple of weeks back, I made a post about backup software that posed questions and concerns that I needed addressed. I was amazed to see that within hours, there were several relevant comments, including one very in-depth comment from the maker of the software in question. These comments were completely out of nowhere, from people who don't read my blog, but just jump in whenever and wherever some Google alert tells them they're needed.

The first thing I thought of when all these comments started pouring in was a scene in Dogma, where Jay and Silent Bob are following the lead, Bethany, and yelling at her about not choosing to stay with them. "Guys like us just don't fall out of the [expletive deleted] sky, you know", says Jay. At this point, a naked black man falls from the sky. When the man lands with a thud on the road in front of them, Jay is quite taken aback. But, he pauses only a couple of beats before looking up at the sky and yelling, "Beautiful naked [large-chested] women just don't fall out of the sky, you know!"

The second thing I thought of was that one time, when Scott made the post about chicken fingers, and then the guy from Raising Cane's got in touch with him and gave him a gift card. That was awesome.

Well, it turns out that I'm going to Vegas in a couple of weeks. They have Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers there, so I'm finally going to get to try the goodness that is Raising Cane's for myself. I thought it must have been cool for Scott to get a gift card, and wished I had a gift card for myself, so that I could either eat in greater quantities, or perhaps obtain more food for others in my party to try for themselves. Then, I thought, "If it worked for Scott, maybe it can work for me, too". So, I decided I would post here to see If I can perhaps show up on the Raising Cane's radar with equally positive results.

This is part experiment and part shameless begging on my part, but I figure if there's someone out there actually looking for blog postings about Raising Cane's, they might see my post and see fit to bestow a little bit of free chicken fingers on me. So I'm purposefully trying to shake that dude out of wherever on the internet he/she lives with this Google-bait so I can state my case for free chicken fingers. So, how about it, Mr. Raising Cane blogger searching guy? I've heard such good things about your establishment. I'm already committed to trying it for myself, but would love the opportunity to also treat my wife and mother-in-law to your fine chicken fingers. I promise that if you give me anything at all, I will come back from my trip and post glowing reviews of your establishment and your food items here on my blog where all 4 of my readers will see them. Hey, I may not have many readers, but every single one of my readers has considerable influence in their household.

If this possibly works with Raising Cane's it wouldn't hurt to try with the other places I plan to eat in Vegas as well. Cafe Rio, your salmon tacos and tortilla soup are wonderful, and my wife loves your barbacoa pork salad with salsa instead of dressing and no cilantro. We don't get to eat at Cafe Rio where we live, but would like to in Vegas. Can you help?

Togoshi Ramen, we will definitely be visiting you if you are not closed for health code violations. If you are not too busy trying to stay open in the face of whatever vermin infestation you are battling, can you spare some ramen or even just some gyoza to throw our way?

I'd also really want to go to one of the good buffets, like Paris or Bellagio. I'd especially like to try the Wynn Buffet, because I haven't been to that one yet. Casinos, do you have some way that someone like me can enjoy a free buffet? You do? So, let me get this straight: You will provide me free things as long as I stay there and gamble a lot at your games of chance? Hmmm... Intriguing... Just out of curiosity, do you perhaps have some way that doesn't involve me losing a lot of money?


Cheeth said...

I ate at Raising Cane's in Vegas, and the chicken fingers were great as advertised. Can I get a gift card from my comments? No?


But the fingers were still great.

By the way, Aaron, the Raising Cane's is located on a pad site of the Target that lies right around the corner from the said Togoshi.

Togoshi, by the way, is a solidly cash business, so I don't see a card coming your way, and if they gave you one, they still probably wouldn't take it.

Aaron said...

Yeah, I'm not really expecting a card or anything from Togoshi. I'm expecting an envelope of soggy gyoza delivered to me through the mail.

Captain Emus said...

Save your time and your money by skipping the Wynn buffet. It's not even in the same league as the Bellagio, but you wouldn't know it from the price tag. Yikes. I've eaten there 3 or 4 times (hey, when it's free it tastes just fine). But it is easily the worst restaurant on the entire Wynn property.

Aaron said...

Actually, I did end up going to the Wynn buffet, and I did go for free. I had read that when you sign up for their slot club, then once you reach your first 150 "points", you get rewarded with 2 free buffets. I did the math, and figured that if I just started cycling money through the machine, I'd probably only lose about $20 before getting to 150 points, making it a cheap buffet. And, since I would have been spending money on the buffet anyway, losing money at the slot machines wasn't really gambling; it was just me paying for my buffet in small increments.

Turns out that wasn't even necessary, because signing up for the slot club also gives you a spin on a wheel for prizes. I spun, and won 2 free buffets. How about that. Becki spun and won $25 in slot play. So, we turned their $25 into $40, and walked out of there with $40 in our pockets and 70 pounds of food in our guts. All without technically gambling, since our own money was never at risk. It's not nearly as glamorous as the high-roller freebies that you're accustomed to, but we're easily thrilled.

Disregarding price for a moment, I agree that the buffet is not as good as the Bellagio. I think it's maybe third place behind Bellagio and Paris. Factoring price back in and looking at it from a value perspective, it downright stinks. 39 bucks? Are they high?

The good things I can say about the Wynn Buffet are that there was absolutely no line to get in (since nobody's crazy enough to pay the price they're asking). The crab legs were good. The shrimp was large. The prime rib was some of the best I've ever had on buffet. And, they had these homemade pretzels that tasted really good and made me want to try making my own someday.

Other than that, none of the other foods were any better than anything else I've had, and I was kind of disappointed in the desserts. There were a lot of them, but overall, they weren't that good.