September 1, 2008

Annual Fall TV Review 2008

It's that time again, time for my annual assessment of the new fall TV season, where I sift through the crap so you don't have to.

It's starting early this year, because the CW was hell-bent on getting 90210 to start on September 2nd, as in "9/02". Thanks a lot, CW. I just barely finished the Olympics, and I was counting on taking a few weeks to catch up on other stuff. But no, you needed the gimmick of the date (because every little bit is going to help this turd, right?). So, why couldn't you get the show to start at 10 PM?


Scott said...

They ought to have delayed 90210 until 2010, then.

Cheeth said...

Hello, you don't know me, but I was searching for blog entries tagged "turd", and yours came up.

I want to tell you about a deal that is going to change your life, and that will cost you nothing up front.