April 16, 2008

T-Shirt Sighting

During the intermission at the Wallace & Ladmo shindig, I saw a guy wearing the exact same t-shirt I got for a 5k I ran in Provo in 2001. It took my brain a full two seconds to process what I was seeing, because for most of that time it was stuck in the mode of thinking, "Hey, that's my shirt, the one I wear to do yardwork. Why did that guy take my shirt?", followed by "What would a 7 year old shirt from Provo be doing here?"

My brain was hung up on this because I wouldn't ever consider wearing a race t-shirt out in public. It's not that it's not a nice souvenir or something to be proud of. I've just got so many other t-shirts and nicer things to wear. And, if I were to wear it around, it probably wouldn't be 7 years later. To me that seems like advertising to passersby "I'm proud of this thing I did 7 years ago, and I've accomplished jack-all since then."

I didn't get a chance to ask the guy about it, because I couldn't figure out what I could say that didn't make me sound like the dork. "Dude, I've got the same shirt!" "America's Freedom Festival 2001, woo hoo!" "Yo, what was your time? I ran over 33 minutes..."


Gords said...

I still wear my old Table Tennis tournament shirts in public. It's not that weird is it? For me, clothes are for covering my nakedness and that's about it.

Aaron said...

Yeah, that's kind of different. I currently suck at ping pong, so if I somehow became good enough to consider entering a tournament, I'd proudly wear the shirt to let everyone know I was now kind of good.

Running's different, because I suck at it, and then I enter races and I suck at those. Wearing the shirt from the race just seems like advertising my suckitude to everyone.