October 7, 2008

Pipe Wrench Fight

a-ha is my absolute all-time favorite Norwegian pop band, so I was excited to come across this video the other day. Of course, anybody who has seen television has seen the video for "Take On Me". This little gem takes the video, and replaces the song with a... more literal version.


Captain Emus said...

Because I'm too lazy to do it myself, you should definitely follow up this post with some actual history behind the making of that video. Because absent some hard facts, I'm left to believe that some spoiled Norwegian acid played a significant role in the creation of that video originally.

This version just made me very happy.

Cheeth said...

This Aha video is great. "Take on Me" is one of the songs I most vividly remember hearing during the 80s.

Also, in relation to your current "About Me", I once saw Cheap Trick at Mandalay Bay in a pool. There, Rick Nielson threw at least two hundred picks out to the audience. I got one, but I perceived their value as so low that I eventually lost the pick in circumstances that I cannot recall. The other great thing was that the pick had "Rick" written on it in Japanese, as a reminder of what country pays Rick's bills.

Carson said...

I think the added voices in the middle part was my favorite, but really it all made me laugh.

Gords said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Supercords said...

"ass-full of pipe wrench"


Aaron said...


Becki's from Rockford, Illinois, where Cheap Trick is also from, and she ran cross-country in high school with Rick Nielsen's son.

It's not a big deal, but it's cooler than anyone I went to high school with.