August 18, 2008

One Backup Solution I Won't Be Considering

My recent post on the subject of backups brought out a couple of helpful comments that I'd like to address separately from the main post.

One such comment was from Roberts G Keeling, who writes:

Aaron, did you look at Togglenetwork's TrueVault?,
Totally automatic,encrypted (448 bit) onsite and fully secure (level 4)offsite, totally pain free trial.
Incremental backup and restore and easily programmable both as to what is backed up and what is restored. Inexpensive due to efficient design and compression.

(I assume Mr. Keeling is affiliated with Toggle Networks in some way. That's not a bad thing; the info's still helpful either way. A little disclosure would be nice, though.)

I had not heard of TrueVault before. URL is (with an 's'), by the way.

I went to the web site, and spent a couple of minutes looking around, but then I tripped and fell into a giant pool of buzzwords and drowned. I have a general feeling that if I can't figure out what a product is and how it's different after a few minutes, then the web site/brochure/other marketing material isn't doing it's job. I also go by the old adage that "If you have to ask what it costs, you can't afford it." There's not a hint of pricing on the website, so I assume it's out of reach for this small business.

But the most annoying thing about the Toggle Networks website is that if you click in any text portion (besides a link), you get a popup that says "The contents of this page are copyright protected".

Really, Toggle Networks? You're really choosing to do this? You really think someone's going to steal your whole website if not for the little bit of JavaScript protecting you? And if I want to send an email to someone at my company to say, "Hey, we should consider paying unspecified amounts of money for Toggle Networks' TrueVault" and want to copy and paste a paragraph from your website to show why we should, you really want to keep me from doing that?

Sorry, Toggle Networks' True Vault, that's strike three for you. You're out.

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