July 7, 2008


Back in the end of 2002 or so I cut my long hair down into short hair. I had no particular need to get that done all at once, so for two glorious days, I wore a breathtaking mullet and Camaro-mustache combination.

I tell people this occasionally, but I haven't had any photographic evidence to back it up. I somehow forgot to take any pictures of this myself. I do remember my aunt taking a picture of me at the time, and The Shambles gave me a picture that he took of all of us at the El Vez concert back then.

Up until now, I had assumed that those were the only two mullet pictures that existed. Yesterday, The Shambles sent along another one of the El Vez concert that he must have recently unearthed:

I'm kind of torn about this, because on the one hand I'm happy to have more pictures, yet on the other hand, this picture is so downright embarrassing. It's not even a good showcase for the mullet, although you can at least see the 'stache.

For the sake of completeness, here's the other picture of us with The Thin Brown Duke himself:


Captain Emus said...

A. How amazing is/was El Vez?


2. Dude, can you give me a ride in your IROC-Z?

tom said...

It probably qualifies as bitchin, the combination of mullet and stache. The first one looks like your dog just won or you're at a rock revival, or maybe you just signed on an 83 Camaro from Million Dollar Motors (remember their commercials?) If the 70s Art Garfunkel afro has made it back, the mullet will be back, mark my words.

Aaron said...

Tom, I'm very grateful for your assesment, because if there's anyone who knows mullets, it's you, my friend..