December 6, 2007

Endangered Candy List

I've noticed as I've grown older that some of the candies and candy related items that I remembered from my childhood are difficult or impossible to find now. This makes sense; If new candy is created and sells more, there's only so much shelf space to go around, and some old candy has to drop out to take its place.

What alarms me, though, are when I can't find what I used to consider the staples of the candy section back in the day. It's one thing if one manufacturer stops making one item of theirs (RIP my beloved Mars Bar). But, when you have an item that was not tied to a specific company and used to be found everywhere dwindle and disappear, that's kind of sad.

Example 1: Candy cigarettes. It's kind of obvious why you can't really find these anymore. However, I'm still kind of sad that there won't be any there for my kids to buy so I can yell at them the way I got yelled at for buying them the one time I did.

Example 2: Cinnamon bears. There's only one grocery store local to me that sells these, but it's in their generic house brand version, and they're gritty and just plain gross tasting. The Wal-Mart used to sell some made by Sweet's Candy Company, and I would buy 10 bags at a time in case they stopped carrying them. Sure enough, I ran out months ago, and they've stopped stocking them.

Example 3: Red Hots. Becki asked me to pick up "a bag of Red Hots" at the grocery store yesterday for a church thing. The candy section of the store had no such item. Apparently you can't buy Red Hots to eat as candy anymore. I finally found them with the cake decorating supplies labeled as a decorating aid, and packaged in a little plastic jar. Price: $1.99 for the small 2 oz. jar. That's $16 per pound of red hots. Pound for pound that makes it one of the most expensive food items in the whole store.

Items that are less expensive per pound than Red Hots:
  • King crab legs ($11.99/lb regularly, on sale this week for $7.88/lb)

  • Jumbo shrimp ($8.99/lb)

  • Ribeye steak ($8.99/lb regularly)

  • Prime rib ($10.99/lb)

  • A very expensive bottle of wine (It would have to get over $25 for a 750ml bottle to be more expensive than red hots)

  • Heavy cream ($5.00/lb)

  • Milk ($.50/lb)

  • Gasoline ($.40/lb. Not a food item, but still way cheap in comparison)

With the exception of some top shelf liquor and some exotic spices (like saffron), I challenge someone to find me a more expensive food item (pound for pound) than Red Hots.

If current trends continue, I'll have to get all my childhood candies from wherever pioneer village type place I have to go to get my horehound drops.


Captain Emus said...

I always thought Red Hots were gross, just the same way I think Hot Tamales and cinnamon bears. But I like the fact that you put some serious time and research into validating the cost-per-pound of those things. I think the most expensive food item, by the pound, would be a caviar and truffle cake topped with kobe beef tips and Red Hots.

Cheeth said...

I also think red hots and cinnamon bears are gross. Here is an unsolicted list of candies that I loved in the past, and maybe still do:

Good 'n' Plenty
Guns 'n' Roses
Sour Patch Kids (still love these)
Chocolate Footballs (eat one today, and realize they have no taste)
Rolo (which is a whole roll of smiles)
Boston Baked Beans
Lemon Heads
All other Ferrara Pan favorites